World Record Structures

Purpose of this page is to track the progress of basic balsa wood structure ratios in the familiar format of:

The current official record is approximately 122.324 set by Jake Zimmer 1:17 PM MST 2/18/06

Previous recent records were:

104.235 set by Jake Zimmer 2:13 PM MST 2/17/06

96.279 set by Jake Zimmer 10:45 AM MST 5/12/04

If you have ever achieved a ratio of pounds divided by grams of greater than the above record you may submit your story and proof to this site to be listed as the new world record holder.

Submit ratio for consideration for the world record by emailing Jake Zimmer at

As for Guinness Book of World records status:

Dear Jake,

Thank you for contacting GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

We have examined your proposal but regret that, after careful consideration, it is not suitable for inclusion in our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS publications.  We receive well over 40,000 enquiries a year and only a very small proportion are used to establish new categories.

We are sorry that we cannot be more positive but we thank you again for your enquiry and your interest in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and hope that you are not too disappointed.

If you require any further information on claims, attempts or current records please contact us again or check out our website (

Kind regards,
Kim Goodwin
For the Keeper of the Records

Too bad that eating the most amount of earth worms in a minute is more their style of inclusion.  It was worth a try though.

Structure Records Sites:

Submit previous score sheets from your local competition for inclusion into this sites structure competition database by emailing Jake Zimmer at