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Re: high weights

From: GA OM
Category: OotM
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Date: 12 Mar 2004
Time: 03:32:26 AM


Noah, I love how you seem to think your rubbing it in all of our faces. Now me, I am from GA.. Most teams are not competitive at the world level from here. Sadly, I am judging in GA and I went to the NC tournament on a friendly Judges request. The one we speak of here. Now, rubbing it in my face seems hardly fair since I saw more than I can let on which you only can assume. Thank you for your arrogance and best of luck to you, although I expected the top teams to be above 1300 this year. There will be a big gap because creativity is key. And if you wanna brag, go for it.. Its not good sportmanship and wont get you very far. And being human nature, I would like to say good luck getting to 1000 lbs.

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