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Re: Quite a balancing Act in Florida

From: R. Boitnott
Category: OotM
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Date: 11 Mar 2004
Time: 07:40:41 PM


That's a wild thing to happen. We have two 35 pounders that have the letter "B" cast on the otherwise flat bottom side of the weights. The letter is raised about a quarter of an inch and can cause the entire weight stack to sway. Of course my past teams quickly became aware of those weights and stacked so it wasn't a problem. The un-flat weights did encourage the teams to check both sides of the competition weights. If the weight stack was swaying back and forth, the stuck 2.5 lb. weight may have affected your weight-held performance. Since my garage was flooded with 17 inches of salt water from hurricane Isabel, I may have some weights rusted together. Retired Coach

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