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Quite a balancing Act in Florida

Category: OotM
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Date: 11 Mar 2004
Time: 05:25:58 PM


Check this out, time comes for our competition and unbeknownst, there is something special waiting for us. I placed the structure on the tester base and my teamate placed the crusher board on top of the structure. We proceeded to begin placing weights, starting with 45's. After 2 or 3 weights I noticed that it seemed as though my structure was really fighting to keep these weights balanced and it disturbed me , because it had not happened in previous tests. The weights were swaying pretty badly so I decided after a few 45's were placed to switch to a smaller weight to attempt to center the weight. Anyways time comes for the structure to crush and we began to take the weights off to count the weight. We got to the 2nd weight that was put on and found an interesting thing, there was a 2.5 lb weight stuck to the bottom of the 45lb plate! Stuck! ... I had never seen this in my entire OM life. Any one out there experience this before? Anyone have any thoughts as to whether or not this could have effected the structures break (because from the way it broke it appears to have been swaying)?

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