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Re: Gap Concern

From: Jake Zimmer
Category: OotM
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Date: 10 Mar 2004
Time: 08:16:47 PM


You have to think of the 8x8 inch "gap" square as a box that is 8.5 inches high. The base is represented by a 5x5 inch square. If you put the 5x5 inch square on a table and put the 8x8 inch box over it, you can slide the 5x5 inch square around inside the 8x8 inch box but only move it within the confines of the 8x8 inch box. This is what is meant by saying that the "Entire structure base must be under the perimeter of the gap. It may be off-center" figure A (Problem #4 Balancing Act, Creative Competitions, Inc. 2003). This is the definition that will be used for weigh-in at WF. No exceptions.

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