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Re: high weights

From: Nighthawk
Category: OotM
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Date: 10 Mar 2004
Time: 03:33:17 PM


I think 295 is fantastic for a first year Div. I team! You sound a bit more concerned than you need be. Why do you "think" the weigh-in procedures were not done well? can you give any specifics? In the meantime, to answer your point, I haven't experienced much difference from Regionals to Worlds, but they do scrutinize much more closely as you move up. I have heard of instances where clarifications or finer points on this or that rule have been interpreted differently. From the weights I've heard so far, they make sense to me, though I'm really curious about the 1050 from ?North Carolina? What's your question about weights under 50? There are lots of teams from every state that fall into that category at Regionals.

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