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Re: clarifacation number 3

From: Jake Zimmer
Category: OotM
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Date: 09 Mar 2004
Time: 11:48:19 AM


That's how I'll be judging it. Last year was a different problem. This year the rules state for encompassing state "at least one contact point that touches the ((crusher board)) beyond each 8" side of the box/block" meaning that weight may be added at testing to check for rule compliance. Last year the legs were measured at weigh-in and not at the tester with weight added. I am sorry if this years states miss this fact but that's how it should be checked unless someone can point out a reason why it shouldn't be this way. As long as at weigh-in the structure appears to have enough clearance for encompassing the block with or without weight, a little wobble will not be an issue to me.

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