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And They're Off!!

From: AC
Category: OotM
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Date: 08 Mar 2004
Time: 10:35:46 AM


The posts are exciting and everyone seems to be jockeying for position for the next high stakes event. In the AR Southern event, the LBs (Little Brothers) in a mad dash for the finish, edged out the BBs (Big Brothers) and won the regional handicap derby by a nose. It was a photo finish, and we all held our tickets (and our breath) until the winners were announced. The exacta bet had to be boxed to be a safe bet, but my favorites pulled off a Win and a Place. The St. Joes two year old (team) finished off the odds on the trifecta with a great place. (Third.) Both of my teams did great in Style and Spontaneous, and despite an absolutely terrible "handicap" venue to hold the comps in (not the school - just the structure site), they both came in at about a 1/4 ton with (what I'm sure will be) standard structures used by most of the herd. Had a couple of minor problems addressed by the judges, but no problems at weigh in. Three of the five teams competing used the same basic means of locomotion for the container and I was told it suggested collaberation between my two teams even though the containers and presentations were totally different... Hmmm... I'm thinking that at least a third of all teams will end up using the same type of delivery because it's obvious, easy, and controlled. Not to mention great minds think alike!  Now it's time to look forward to a very, very, VERY tough State comp in a month. We're gonna pull out all stops, eliminate some of the things the judges picked on, and fine tune everything in our bid for a berth in Maryland! Hasta y'all, and congrats to everyone! AC

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