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Re: quiet

From: Clark in MI
Category: OotM
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Date: 05 Mar 2004
Time: 12:29:21 PM


In the words of a favorite son of Arkansas, "I feel your pain." Although, probably not as intensely as you're feeling it right now. Karen and I are looking forward to an overnighter tonight with half the team in a mad dash to finish off costumes, props, and sets. The team has walked through the play a couple of times already. Enough to work out blocking problems (movements and relative positions on stage), but not enough to be off script. Patrick has two structures to finish off. The main construction is done, just needs the final bracing then leveling and weight adjustment (if required). The primary structure is the one they'd like to use for competition that's got a little loophole in it. The other one meets the definition of the problem as clarified. They'd like to use the loop hole structure as it's made of superior wood. Speaking of wood, I hope you find access to a source between Regional and State (assuming you go on). Your description of your available stock sounds dire. Hope you've got a JIT arrangement with a local supplier... Barring disaster tonight, we won't go into full stress mode until next week (competition is Saturday the 13th). Until then, we'll be thinking of you and hoping to hear victorious news from both the BBs and LBs. Good luck, AC.

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